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Discuss Zmax fuel and oil additive at the Focus ST Performance within the Ford ST Nation; Any opinions on this stuff??? ...
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    Zmax fuel and oil additive

    Any opinions on this stuff???
    There is a rebate available for $7 if you buy the fuel and oil additive together. Or $3 for one or the other.

    Increase fuel mileage, carbon deposit build-up cleaner, lower engine heat and emmisions, gas and diesel engines, fuel injection cleaner | zMax Micro-lubricant

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    I really don't know for sure but right now I'd only buy it if it came with a magnet to put around the fuel line. My dad told me that additives never work without a magnet.

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    Snake oil. If it were valuable, one of the major petroleum companies would offer it.
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    Exactly. While it might not cause any damage and might even work as advertised a good quality full-synthetic oil will already provide all the protection you need. It's not like there are anywhere near the amount of premature wear and failures that can be tracked back to possible issues with poor quality lubricants combined with poor machining and engine internals like many decades ago.

    For a fuel system cleaner I do use them periodically in most of my cars with port fuel injection. The government does mandate all gasoline even the cheapest stuff have a minimum amount of detergents that do work somewhat well an extra booster every oil change or so can help minimize the amounts of deposits that build up on the intake valves and in the combustion chamber. Cars like my Cobalt and the Focus that have direct injection engines I don't run any as they already run pretty clean and since the fuel injector is not spraying before the intake valve they do almost nothing except for the combustion chamber which usually isn't where you'll have issues.

    Unfortunately on a direct injection engine if you do get build-up over time on the intake valves there isn't much you can do except try a special solvent through the intake tract (i.e. Seafoam, et al.) or remove the intake manifold and manual soak/clean what you can get to. That's why it's important to use a very good air filter (to keep particulates down), use the correct manufacturer approved oil that shouldn't leak down past the valve seals as much and usually has less issues with vapor, and make sure the PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) system is in good working order and if needed run a catch can in the system. Even then some cars are just more prone than other to buildup and the only other thing you could do is install a water or alcohol injection system in the intake tract.

    For my older cars that can benefit from a fuel system/injector cleaner I personally like Chevron's Techron additive as I've seen the results of using it over a long time and it is well respected. In the end most of them including Techron are still nothing more than a light solvent and if you're lucky a quality detergent additive. A good way to check what's in the bottle is to search the manufacturer's site for the material safety data sheet (MSDS) which should list what the product is comprised of.
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    Never used to believe in additives but that said BG products are the only one that have won me over and proven their worth to me

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