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Discuss 2013 Focus ST Colors - Rotate them 360 Degrees! at the Focus ST Exterior within the Ford ST Nation; Originally Posted by VoicelessWinter Gotcha. ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by VoicelessWinter View Post
    Gotcha. I like them, but I also kind of like the Y-spoke. Maybe looking at so many pictures of the ST has them growing on me.
    They are not bad rims, but I want something a little more aggressive. Those rims are available with the Focus ST-R
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    Leaning towards the PB or TB, although I do feel like the right White would work well with the ST trim, I just don't know about Oxford white.
    The Tangerine would be cool, however I feel like it might come across as too loud/boy-racy.

    Hmmm decisions, decisions...Also going to be tough to view all the colors ever; I mean like, how/where would you do that?

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